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Open Studio Inauguration

Added on by Matthew Gantt.

It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks!  Between packing everything up and getting all the stuff I need to move into the studio and a protracted illness for my little kiddo (poor guy can't catch a break), I haven't had much time to blog or even think about checking-up on Facebook.

Despite all that was going on, I was actually able to get into the studio here and there and work on new renderings.

But now that the proverbial dust has settled, I am happy to announce that tomorrow will be my first Open Studios Day at Winter Street Studios!

For those who don't know, every second Saturday of each month, Winter Street & Spring Street Studios open their doors so that the public can stroll throughout the building and wander into various artists' studios.  Most have drinks and nibbles for people to enjoy and are willing to spend some time talking about their work and current/upcoming projects.

My studio-mates and I would love for you to stop-by and visit.  Come have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and chat about art or just look around and check out the scene.

Officially, the hours are from 2-5pm, but I'll be there around noon, and we're organizing a kind of "after hours" gathering at our studio for anyone who doesn't want to conform to the time constraints imposed upon them.  =)
Here's a map to the location.  We're upstairs, in studio #24.

Hope to see you there!

Here's a little preview of my section of our shared studio: