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Recent News

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Hello everyone!  I hope you are all happy and well.  Just dropping in to let you know about the exciting news coming down the pipeline!

First of all, I am pleased to announce that you can now follow Constellationism on Instagram!  That's right, after quitting most social media a couple of years ago, I've been persuaded to have a presence on Instagram where I will be posting many images from my past as well as some new behind-the-scenes stuff once I get it going.

Next is Summer Series, coming June 24th from 5-9pm.  It's one of the more party-vibe events at the Sawyer Yards, featuring music drink sponsors and such.  Make sure to stop by for that and see me in Studio #213!  See graphics below or the Facebook event for more details!

Last but not least, Save the date for my Schema show in Austin at Camiba Art Gallery, opening August 19th!  Located at the Flatbed Building at 2832 MLK Blvd. Austin , Texas 78702.  More to follow as the show gets closer.  If you can, come out and see my newest, most exciting work of the past year.

Many thanks you all for your continued support and encouragement!  I hope to see you soon!

Elsik HS Art Club Tour of Silver Street Studios

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So a few weeks ago, I was asked by a fellow tenant, Carol Simon if I would like to open my studio on Saturday, January 30th and talk a bit with some high school students.  As organized by Carol Simon and teacher Susan Ishmael, the Elsie High School Art Club from Alief, TX was planning a day trip into town to tour Silver Street Studios and Texas Arts Supply.

Twenty-five students toured Serrano Gallery, the studios of John Bernhard, Manika Srivastav as well as my own.  I had such a great time talking to them about my process and fielding questions about what it was like being a professional artist.

I remember being in my high school art club about on e hundred tears ago, and we never did anything this cool.  Kudos to the Elsik Art Club and Mrs. Ishmael for imagining such a great day.  I am very honored to have been a part of it!

Incidentally, I am also scheduled to host a workshop with Houston's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) this Friday, where I'll be doing my Constellationism Workshop with two groups of students of the Creative Writing Department.  I'll post more about that later.

Spring Constellationism Workshop @ the Jung Center of Houston

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Hello everyone!  I hope the new year is treating you all very well!  Just a quick update about that workshop I've mentioned in previous posts and to some of you in person.  The time has come and the Spring catalogues are out at the Jung Center of Houston.  To save space, I'll post a screenshot of my course page below, click on the image to redirect to the course page.

So the time to sign-up is now as there are only 20 spots available.  If you want to attend the class and find that all the spots are taken, fear not!  For if this class goes well, there will be another workshop this Summer, so stay tuned.

 This first class may be a bit short, but it is a pilot workshop and future classes may run longer an have a different structure, depending on student feedback and what we learn during the course of the course.  =)  But I've a feeling it's going to be great fun for everyone involved.

ALSO, I'd like to recommend an upcoming show featuring some of my friends from Silver Street Studios hosted by Serrano Gallery called The TEN Ants opening February 11, 2016.  It is going to be a great show, so come check it out!  Here's the Facebook event.

Last Show of 2015

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Hello All,


Many thanks to all of you who came out last Saturday evening, it was a joy to see all of you.


In case you weren't able to make it to 2000 Edwards Street, it just so happens that we are having a little reception for the tenant exhibition currently on view at our building, Silver Street Studios.


As somebody who has a birthday in December (tomorrow), I know that this month is packed with office parties, family get-togethers and all kinds of events going on, but if you would like to pop in before or after dinner this Thursday evening and see some wonderful offerings of Houston's most talented artists and craft-geniuses come on down to 2000 Edwards Street and see what we've been working on.


Many thanks for your time and support!

Happy Holidays,

Something Different - UPDATED

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So the last couple of years I've been taking various classes at the Jung Center of Houston taught by Chinese Brush Painter and calligrapher, Peihong Dong-Endris.  She is the real deal, and a wonderful teacher as well.  For some reason I cannot find her website in order to link, but I can post that later(or you proactive types could Google her).

What I really wanted to announce was that our Annual show is this Saturday, and it is always a real treat for everyone who attends.  Not only is there plenty of great artwork and calligraphy for sale, there is always plenty of great food and conversation!

Not only I, but all the other students, and Mrs. Peihong herself would love for you all out there in the "interwebs" who live in the Houston area to come to our lovely, little show at a charming house in the Museum District.

See flyer below for the details.  We hope you can make it!


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Constellationism Workshop this Spring!

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Well folks, it's official!  Yours truly will be teaching a workshop this Spring at The Jung Center of Houston.  I will be a teaching the basic techniques of Constellationism so that others may benefit from exploring the archetypes who occupy unconsciousness.

The course has been approved, but the exact dates and tuition costs have not been determined yet. So, stop by and check for updates because I will definitely post when I have more solid information.

What I'm really excited about is that if this "pilot" class goes well, I can arrange to have perhaps a longer, more in-depth class during the summer (with talks of a possible daytime [9:30-12:30] class for kids for a full-week in the Summer!  But lets see how the class goes first.

As excited as I am for this opportunity, I am also a little nervous because I've only ever taught to middle schoolers before.  Hopefully, working with adults will be just as rewarding.

Anyway, just thought I'd drop a note to let you know that this is a done deal and that I will return with details when they are made available to me.


Mythology and Creativity

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As some of you might know, mythology played and continues to play a large part in what I do.  In fact, for the last few years I have volunteered five days to the Joseph Campbell Foundation to help facilitate the art portions of The Mythological Toolbox™ Playshop held at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

The Joseph Campbell Foundation is an almost completely volunteer organization. The work over the last 25 years has been brought to life by you – our global community of inspiration, of curiosity, and of passion.

After years of creative patches and digital duct tape to keep functioning, they have reached the point where they need to rebuild its infrastructure from the ground up. They are professionally designing a new site that will do all that has done so far, and leap far beyond that, using the latest web technologies to make the site more powerful and more accessible to people everywhere.

f you cave the time, and a few bucks looking to do some immediate good, please help crowd-fund this endeavor and by extension help change people's lives.  PLUS, you get some pretty cool downloads as gifts!  

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Good stuff in the works...

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Hello all!  Okay, so I'm popping in to say a few things,to keep the reading to a minimum (since we're becoming a sound-bite culture) I'll post some things in bullet format and then elaborate below.  Sound good?  Okay.  Here goes!

. Don't forget my studio is now at SILVER Street Studios #106.

2. Find a copy of Houston's new and only local art magazine artHouston! 

3. Save the date OCTOBER 3rd for our Fall Biannual Art Opening.

4. NEW Chinese Brush Painting section and upcoming show.

5. Gallery representation in Austin soon.

6. Constellationism workshop in the , er, works!  

For more details, read on!


1. In case you missed me, I am no longer located at Winter Street Studios.  As of April of this year I have been producing work out of my new studio #106 at Silver Street Studios, 2000 Edwards Street, Houston, TX 77007.

Apologies for the awful phone photo.

Apologies for the awful phone photo.

2. artHouston is a magazine that should have been around for the last ten years, it's about time.  A labor of love from the magazine's publisher and fellow Houston artist, John Bernhard.  He makes a good point, that cities a fraction of the size of Houston have their own magazines.  We have a flourishing art scene, so why not us?  artHouston really covers it all too, from the ballet to film and poetry as well as visual arts, I picked up an issue this morning and have read about half the issue, and I have to say that I'm impressed.  Let's hope it continues to maintain it's level of integrity and even-handedness into the future!  Well done, guys!

3. Our Biannual Art Opening thing (or whatever its called this week) is coming.  This is one of those shows where we have tons of visitors and tons of fun.  I always get to meet lots of new people and talk about my work and process with new folks.  Really a great time and an excuse to wander around and have a few drinks before or after dinner.  Stop by and say hello!

4. There will soon be a new menu navigation to a gallery containing pictures of my Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy work.  This will fall-in nicely with the 7th Annual Chinese Brush Painting Show November 7th, 2015 from 4 to 7pm located at 2 Chelsea Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77006.  I'll post more on this later as it becomes closer.

5. I haven't signed the paperwork yet, but there is an exciting new gallery opening in Austin, TX in the Flatbed building (home to the Flatbed Gallery, Gallery Shoal Creek, Photo Methode Gallery).  I'll surely post more on this as it becomes official.  But I'm happy to share the exciting news.  It will be wonderful to have such loving representation in Austin.

6. I've submitted my proposal to The Jung Center of Houston to teach my Constellationism method to adults this Spring.  No details yet as it has not been approved, but the reception so far has been very positive.  Once it is approved and in the books four the Spring catalog of courses, I'll post more details as far as dates and tuition, etc.  This will undoubtedly be a pilot course for possible ongoing classes.  If the Spring class goes well, then I'll apply to have another class during the Summer as well as a daytime class for adolescents (like a morning day-camp, something creative for kids to do during the Summer).

lso, I'll be making  better effort to stay in touch via the website and posting my mediocre photos of new works (so you don't have to wait for the professional images) and stuff in the works (pssst!....some of it is pretty big).  =)

All good stuff and great news not only for myself, but for Housotn as well.  So grateful to be part of it all.  Many thanks to my collectors, supporters, and friends!

SPRING BIANNUAL and Studio-Warming Party

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SO the last few weeks have been pretty crazy with packing everything up and moving into the new studio, then UN-packing everything, getting set up to work, and producing some new stuff for our Spring Biannual Art Opening and 12" x 12" Charity Auction to benefit The Memory Park Conservancy.

But I'm now in a new spot, I'm at SILVER STREET STUDIOS # 106 which is located at 2000 Edwards Street (just behind Winter Street Studios).  Swing by for a drink and help warm-up the studio with some good vibes so I can produce some outstanding (and quite large) work this year!

Hope to see you there!  Hugs!

If you're still into Facebook (wink wink), here's a link to the events page:

Open Studios and Moving Sale!

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Well, after two and a half years of sharing studio #24 with Paula Hawkins, I've decided to spread my wings and fly over to Silver Street Studio #106 in April.

It has been a blast sharing the studio and parties and events with Paula, such a sweet person and wonderful artist.  Feel free to come by this Saturday afternoon and wish us the best of luck going forward.  There will be beer wine, munchies, and music.   

If you find something you love, I'll take up to 20% off so I don't have to move it to the new studio.  =)

The Holidays Are Upon Us

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Well, it's been a long, interesting year and it's drawing to a close this holiday season.  As I turn 40 next week, I will be celebrating my birthday in style because the party is the same night as Winter Street Studios' 3rd Annual Holiday Art Party.

Last year's Holiday Art party was pretty good, but I spent the whole night kicking myself for not having a DJ in the studio.  Despite not having a DJ, things got pretty rowdy up in Studio 24.

But this year, we decided to go ahead and have a Houston's very own Amanda Robinson behind the decks to keep things melodious and fun throughout the night.

Also, in order to make room for future works and projects, Paula and I will be discounting pretty much everything in the studio.  Personally, I'll be trying to free-up as much wall space as possible, so don't be shy about making a reasonable offer.  So if you've wanted a piece but couldn't quite afford it, now is the perfect time to swing-by for a nibble and a drink and buy yourself something for being such a good boy or girl this year!



On Sale

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Whilst cleaning the studio in preparation for tonight's event "Summer Series", I decided that I need more wall space so I need to move some inventory.

What does this mean?  Well, it means that if you come to the studio tonight between 6-9pm, I'll take 25% off any of my work and send it home to live with you.


Recent lessons

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A wise man once said that to be wise, one must realize their ignorance.  Of course, I'm paraphrasing, but the gist of it is there.

I do what I do, and I could probably do some of it better.  And I have respect for anyone smart enough to always be learning, for only a fool believes he knows it all.  

Anyway, I thought I'd pop-in to say that for the past few weeks, I've been taking a course in Chinese brush painting at the Jung Center and I have been thoroughly enjoying it.  It is something I have always wanted to learn.

The course is taught by master Peihong Endris, who is a delightful teacher.  I look forward to each class and each new challenge she prepares for us.  To be sure, when this class ends I'll be signing-up for her next class.

It has not yet become clear to me as how this will affect my Constellationism work, but I'm excited to see how things unfold.

When I have work that I feel is "post-worthy", I'll make a point to put a few up.

Until next time, my friends.

Things to come

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Well, it's been a while since my last post and lots has happened.  Rather than ramble-on (as I tend to do), I thought I could list things in bullet format to cover the most ground since my big show last year.

1.  In-laws came to visit for six weeks.
2.  Spent two weeks building a miniature "Dino-rama" as a Christmas gift for my son's tiny dinosaur collection.
3.  Bought a new house and dealt with months of renovations before moving-in just before Christmas.
4.  The holidays happened.
5.  After far too many years as a smoker, I gave it up and, as of this post, have not had a cigarette or any form of tobacco/nicotine since 8:00 am CST January 15th, 2014.  Hooray!

And of course, I've been trying to get some more shows/exhibits here in the area.

But what I'm most excited about is that I've been experimenting with Chinese and Japanese calligraphy brushes and Sumi inks for creating some recent pieces.  So far, most of them are in a larger size that what I have typically done thus far, and I'm planning to go bigger!

Next week, I'll be in Cleveland, OH to work with Alchemy Inc. as part of their Spring Break activities for local kids.  I'll be showing them how to throw ink and find the gold within themselves.  

As for the last week of March, I will be at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA to help facilitate the Joseph Campbell Foundation's Mythological Toolbox™ Playshop.  I attended last year and I am returning to donate my time as a volunteer and to help ensure the artistic bits of the week go smoothly. 

Needless to say, I'm very excited about both events and feel very blessed to have so much going on this month.

Stay tuned, images of new stuff are sure to be coming soon!

Thank you.

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Just thinking about the show this Saturday past and I still feel that I have not expressed how grateful I feel for everyone who came out to see the show.  You are all so wonderful and precious and your attendance means the world to me.  

I put so much effort into the work (and also promotions and preparation for the show) that I was pretty scatter-brained and exhausted for the opening; but the whole goal was to have it viewed, in-person, by you.  

In a world full of over-worked people whose time is constantly diminished and divided by work, responsibility, electronics et al., I am humbled and thankful that you made time to view my work.  Stay in touch.