Works in Constellationism

Until the "Paper Tigers" show with Micah Simmons in 2010, none of my Constellationism works had been seen by anyone other than family and a few close friends.  But after showing some of them to friends and fellow artists Micah Simmons and Henry Membreño, they insisted I put together a show.  After booking a space and committing to a show with Micah, I got busy framing older work and producing new work for the show.  Even though it was only for one night, I managed to sell four pieces that night!

What makes the timing right for this show was that I had been independently studying the works of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung for the past seven or eight years, which helped shed new light on what these forms pulled out of my subconscious.  They became more magical, with meanings that point past themselves, to something deeper.  Now, after I finish a piece I try to get to know them and figure out what their story is before I title them.