Works in Constellationism

In January 2012 I was laid-off from my job, so I got to work updating my resume and reel. I spent weeks going around several companies shaking hands and looking for work; and in the end, I found nothing.  By April, I decided to get busy doing some more renderings, here are some of the work so far this year.

When I first started this year, I did a group in black & white in order to practice my line work (shading and crosshatching). Then my goal was to render them on a larger scale. "Tresictus Guards The River Threshold" is my largest piece to date, measuring-in at 34 x 25 inches, and I am currently working on pieces that are of a similar size.  But, I have purchased paper 38 x 50 and I fully intend to see how large I can go.