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Well, we're movin' on up!

Added on by Matthew Gantt.

Up to the second floor, that is...

Yep, today I am moving into Winter Street Studio #24 where I'll be sharing a space with two lovely and talented artists, Paula Hawkins and Angela Whitford.  I am so happy and excited that they were kind enough to let me share a space with them.  I'll be spending the afternoon moving all my things over to the studio.

I think it will be a wonderful leap toward being a full-time artist.  There are certainly less distractions and more room at the studio as opposed to working on our kitchen table.  There are the Open Studios held every 2nd Saturday of each month as well as events all throughout the year of which I can be a part!

So enough blogging, I have to pack my stuff and deliver it to the spot!

"X" marks the spot!

"X" marks the spot!