Works in Constellationism

Vexed in the Liquid Mind

Added on by Matthew Gantt.

This is my most recent rendering, "Vexed in the Liquid Mind". I dropped it off at my framer this morning.  The bad news is that the frame I had in mind for it runs about $27/foot; the good news is that it is going to look fantastic.  We searched all over the shop for a similar frame, or one that had the same feel to it, but nothing could compare.  So I have to just trust my instinct and go with this wavy, mercurial moulding that I have had in mind since I was doing all the finishing work on this piece.

Since I kinda knew what this piece was supposed to be at an early stage, I thought I would take photos of my progress throughout the time I was working it.  Here is a slideshow of the various stage of the work.  I hope you enjoy it.