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Busy Day

Added on by Matthew Gantt.

Wow, I have had a beautifully busy day.

First off, I had create flyer for my upcoming show at Cha Champagne & Wine Bar (see previous post) and finish it in time to create a Facebook Event for it and post it around lunchtime (so that people might actually see it).  Luckily, it was all finished in time.


Then, I found out that it wasn't too late to submit artwork to the 7th Annual Art4Life auction to raise money for the AIDS Foundation Houston.  So, I got busy filling-out submission forms, revamping a short Bio, Artwork description, and image.  I'll be putting "Seraph" up for auction, he needs a good home.  here's a photo, but it doesn't do him justice without the wonderful frame.

Two of my friends are co-chairs for the event, and when I asked one why they didn't ask me to donate, he said that since I am starting-out, I might not be able to afford to donate a piece.  I completely understand where he was coming from, but I figure that I don't have money for a publicist, but what I do have is artwork, and if I can donate a piece to a very worthwhile cause and get my name/artwork out into the world, I've pretty much saved money.  LOL!

Regardless of all that, I'm overjoyed, not only to be able to participate in the event itself, but to have my work sitting alongside such distinguished fellow artists. And it's an excuse for my wife and I to get all dressed-up and step out for a night.  It's sure to be a lovely evening.

Tomorrow, I get to run over to Art & Frame Etc. to see the ten pieces I dropped-off a little over a week ago, I cannot wait to see how everything turned-out.  I took a suggestion of a friend and stopped doing the standard "gallery" framing and really got into designing the mattes and frames to add to the vibe of each piece.  Hopefully, it will enhance each piece and really make them each something extra special.  We'll see at my next show.  Hopefully, the extra money was well-spent.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Don't forget to go out and support your local artists and business-owners for White Linen Nights in the Heights this Saturday!  Maybe I'll see you there!