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Upcomming Show UPDATE

Added on by Matthew Gantt.

So Micah and Sean and I met with the folks over at Winter Street Studios yesterday afternoon, to talk about renting their gallery space for the day of our show.  Unfortunately, there was a horrible accident a few weeks ago during a show that another group had put on in the same space.  Due to the accident, anybody renting the space is now required to have full insurance as well as two police officers at the show (for a minimum of 4 hours each).

I feel really bad for Winter Street, even though it wasn't their fault, and I completely understand their situation abut covering their butts on all future shows, but his unfortunate event has now raised the cost of putting on a show there to beyond what our group is willing/capable of paying.

So, we're back to finding a venue, with less than 2 weeks until the show.  We brainstormed last night and I have exhausted all my obvious, immediate resources.  Now it's time to get creative, like maybe a restaurant with a banquet room for large parties or something in that vein.  We have a friend checking out a location today, and we'll see how that goes, but I feel like I should be out, driving around the Heights, looking for a place that wouldn't mind having three artists hang work on their walls for one day and perhaps promote some foot-traffic into their business; however, I have so much to do today, that it makes my head spin a little bit.

I finally took photos of my recent work and I will be posting them later today, but for now, it's off to my framer to discuss how I need this stuff presented.  If there's anyone out there, wish us luck on the venue!