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Added on by Matthew Gantt.

So, I've been busy busy busy, but that's good good good.  There was so much going on these two weeks past; between finishing my most recent (and largest) rendering, a long weekend trip to California for the wedding of two wonderful friends, and my son being ill with a cold,  I barely had time to breathe.  But now I have a little time to blog and mention that I'll be participating in a show August 4th.

Two close friends, photographer Sean Blake, and painter Micah Simmons, and I are putting together a show called "Ars Farrago 618" at the gallery space upstairs at Winter Street Studios.  We're meeting this afternoon to discuss the logistics and arrangements of the show.  It's the same night as White Linen Nights in the Heights, but I'm sure we can drum-up some foot traffic and get some people in the studio, after all, WE'LL have air conditioning.  =)

I need to get pieces framed in time for the event; the extremely talented folks at Art & Frame Etc. have been closed for a family vacation, but they are getting back to business tomorrow and I need to see them as soon as possible!  Hopefully, Mike can hook it up like he always does.

I've also been looking to get a small studio space.  Realistically, it only needs to be about 10'x12' or so, enough to have a big drafting table that can go flat, a slim filing cabinet for paper storage, a few chairs and maybe a mini-refrigerator.  Originally, I was looking at Hardy & Nance Studios, because they are part of the annual Art Crawl in Houston, but they don't have anything available right now.  But I did get my name on the list once something does become open.  I also need the price to be right, I cannot afford an expensive studio right now, as times are tough.

Anyway, good, happy thoughts and it will work out, I'm sure.  For now, I just need to get cracking on a flyer for the show and throw some more ink so I have stuff to work on while I wait for things to be framed.

When everything is set, I'll post about the show to include the exact details and the flyer, et cetera... Talk to you soon!