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Hello all!  Okay, so I'm popping in to say a few things,to keep the reading to a minimum (since we're becoming a sound-bite culture) I'll post some things in bullet format and then elaborate below.  Sound good?  Okay.  Here goes!

. Don't forget my studio is now at SILVER Street Studios #106.

2. Find a copy of Houston's new and only local art magazine artHouston! 

3. Save the date OCTOBER 3rd for our Fall Biannual Art Opening.

4. NEW Chinese Brush Painting section and upcoming show.

5. Gallery representation in Austin soon.

6. Constellationism workshop in the , er, works!  

For more details, read on!


1. In case you missed me, I am no longer located at Winter Street Studios.  As of April of this year I have been producing work out of my new studio #106 at Silver Street Studios, 2000 Edwards Street, Houston, TX 77007.

Apologies for the awful phone photo.

Apologies for the awful phone photo.

2. artHouston is a magazine that should have been around for the last ten years, it's about time.  A labor of love from the magazine's publisher and fellow Houston artist, John Bernhard.  He makes a good point, that cities a fraction of the size of Houston have their own magazines.  We have a flourishing art scene, so why not us?  artHouston really covers it all too, from the ballet to film and poetry as well as visual arts, I picked up an issue this morning and have read about half the issue, and I have to say that I'm impressed.  Let's hope it continues to maintain it's level of integrity and even-handedness into the future!  Well done, guys!

3. Our Biannual Art Opening thing (or whatever its called this week) is coming.  This is one of those shows where we have tons of visitors and tons of fun.  I always get to meet lots of new people and talk about my work and process with new folks.  Really a great time and an excuse to wander around and have a few drinks before or after dinner.  Stop by and say hello!

4. There will soon be a new menu navigation to a gallery containing pictures of my Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy work.  This will fall-in nicely with the 7th Annual Chinese Brush Painting Show November 7th, 2015 from 4 to 7pm located at 2 Chelsea Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77006.  I'll post more on this later as it becomes closer.

5. I haven't signed the paperwork yet, but there is an exciting new gallery opening in Austin, TX in the Flatbed building (home to the Flatbed Gallery, Gallery Shoal Creek, Photo Methode Gallery).  I'll surely post more on this as it becomes official.  But I'm happy to share the exciting news.  It will be wonderful to have such loving representation in Austin.

6. I've submitted my proposal to The Jung Center of Houston to teach my Constellationism method to adults this Spring.  No details yet as it has not been approved, but the reception so far has been very positive.  Once it is approved and in the books four the Spring catalog of courses, I'll post more details as far as dates and tuition, etc.  This will undoubtedly be a pilot course for possible ongoing classes.  If the Spring class goes well, then I'll apply to have another class during the Summer as well as a daytime class for adolescents (like a morning day-camp, something creative for kids to do during the Summer).

lso, I'll be making  better effort to stay in touch via the website and posting my mediocre photos of new works (so you don't have to wait for the professional images) and stuff in the works (pssst!....some of it is pretty big).  =)

All good stuff and great news not only for myself, but for Housotn as well.  So grateful to be part of it all.  Many thanks to my collectors, supporters, and friends!