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ART4LIFE Auction 9/22/2012

Added on by Matthew Gantt.

I nearly missed-out on being part of the 2012 ART4LIFE Annual Art Auction & Fundraiser for 2012.  But as it happens, I knew two of the co-chairs and was able to submit a piece in time for the deadline.

I submitted my piece "Seraph", which has always been a favorite, but never seemed to sell.  I knew that it would catch a good price and that the money would go to a great cause, namely to fund AIDS Research.

The night of the silent auction was very exciting.  Justine and I got all fancied-up for a night out with a lot of really fantastic artists and collectors.  Drinks and nibbles at The Station Museum of Houston.

A photo of my piece in the auction catalog.

A photo of my piece in the auction catalog.

Just having my work in the same venue as all these other great artists was satisfaction enough for me, but my work was bid on three times and went to a really great guy I was able to meet.  I know it went to a good home.  It's always nice to meet the people who buy my work at charity auctions.

If I remember correctly, ART4LIFE raised around $60k that night.  Great job, everyone!  Glad I could help too!