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No game shows, please.

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NOTE:  I was originally going write a scathing post about how I wasn't going to enter any more local group shows and/or contests due to recent events.  But as I typed, I realized that, rather than naming names and going into certain details, I would do my best to avoid playing the victim and keep focused on what I'm doing now and what my next steps are going to be.  I'm glad I caught myself before I posted anything that could be considered whining.  Trying to keep a positive mind. And now, a new blog post.

So often I'm busy doing so many art-related things that I don't have much time to actually do the work.  I often feel my days slipping away before I even get to step foot in the studio.

I have a big show in October at the Jung Center and I would very much like to have a show between now and then.  I was actually thinking of two shows:  one show could be a studio show in order to sell some older work that is taking up space, the second show would be a in a space somewhere in order to show new work.

The difficulty in the show exhibiting new work is getting it in front of people who have not seen my work before; my wife says "let's have our own show" which is thoughtful and sweet, but what I need is a mailing list full of contacts.  We can get the space and the drinks, but without some promotional power behind it, the show would be family, friends, and colleagues, they are all greatly appreciated, but I need new eyes on my work.

So there's the issue, and I'll be racking my brain all summer to figure this out and get organized.  When I have a show, I sell work.  That's been the case thus far.

The occasions and events where I don't sell work are these giant group shows where anybody's work could get lost.  Aside from Artopia and the WSS semi-annual shows, I have not sold anything at any of these group shows (and two of the three pieces sold at Artopia were before the event began).

So in light of these developments over the past year, I've decided a few things:

No more contests - I can avoid hefty entry fees and time spent putting these things together.  

No more group shows that I have to pay to be part of. - Unless somebody really urges me to be a part of the show, even then I really need to follow my intuition on these things.  I've been talked into too many of these things. Of course, Winter and Spring Street Studios events have preference. 

Charity donations - I love donating work for certain charities whose causes are important to me, but I'm going to have to limit my donations to two, maybe three, each year.

Although organizing shows, promoting oneself and networking is extremely critical, I'm ultimately an artist and the work comes first.  If I don't have anything to show, then what am I organizing and promoting?  I've got to get the work done.  

I thought I had more to say (and chances are I did) but I really do need to get to the studio.

Until next time.