Works in Constellationism

the small things.

Added on by Matthew Gantt.

Today I've added images of some recent work.  There are some pretty cool things that have popped out of my head since my last post.

After completing some rendering from ink thrown in October, I decided to do a series of smaller renderings, mostly of which are 8 x 10.  After doing several larger pieces, I wanted to see how small I could take things.

I was very pleased with how "With A Seed Beneath Her Tongue" turned-out, it just has a great look and vibe to it.  It was sort of named after a lyric in the Govinda song "Plant The Seed".  I almost missed the snake arm bracelets.  Luckily, I saw them before I finished the piece.

With A Seed Beneath Her Tongue

"Amitābha Pronoucing His Forty-Eight Vows"  seems to be a favorite amongst friends and family so far.  He was a bit of an experiment on my part.  Near the end, after I realized who he was, I noticed the two lotuses, near his third eye.  When I originally finished the piece, he felt uneven on top, so I went back and added the concentric circles emanating from his forehead.  Although the picture doesn't represent well, the circles are in an iridescent gold ink.

Amitābha Pronouncing His Forty-Eight Vows

Another rendering of note and another personal favorite is "Mystagogue Of Boubastis".  When I threw the ink for this one, I used a 1/8 inch hollow tube for some parts.  This is when I knew I could translate Constellationism onto a smaller scale without losing any of the detail or integrity of the style/process.  Blotting aside, the image I saw was haunting and mysterious, and I like that.  While visiting, my father-in-law thought the rendering lent itself to have some gold in it (which I thought was a great idea), so I half painted, half blotted the ink onto the mask and was pleased with the results.

Mystagogue of Boubastis

The smallest piece so far is "Quietus"  which measures-in at 6 x 4 inches.  I have thrown ink for a few 5 x 7 inch renderings and I still have a few 8 x 10 blots, all of which I hope to complete before the new year.

As far as next year is concerned, it's all about experimenting.  I have some great ideas and a series I want to do.  Along with a workshop at the Esalen Institute and an exhibit at the Jung Center of Houston, next year is going to be big for me.  I cannot wait to get started!  Thanks to all of you for helping to make it all happen.

Don't forget that this Saturday is our Open Studios for December!  Stop by to see the new stuff, have a drink, hang-out with my studio mates Paula Hawkins and Angela Whitford.  My birthday is Sunday, December 9th, so come have a piece of cake.  We hope to see you there!