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Paper Tigers 12/09/2010

Added on by Matthew Gantt.

In the second half of 2010, a couple of my good friends and fellow artist suggested that I have a show in order to introduce Constellationism to the public.  S I quickly started framing older pieces and began working on new pieces in order to have enough to select for a show.

Fellow Houston artist, Micah Simmons, really helped me out by sharing the show with me; not only did his participation help silence my fears of carrying a show on my own, his patronage at Winter Street Studios meant we could rent the gallery space upstairs at a discount (even if it was only for one night).

Micah, who usually works on canvas, had recently done a series of paintings on paper and he was looking to exhibit them, so I came up with the name "Paper Tigers" for the show, since all the work was on paper.  Also, we were born about a week apart from one another, so the Year of the Tiger also played a cool part in the name.

Paper Tigers Flyer

Everything was coming together, our friends over at Octane Coffee Lounge helped out with supplying beer and wine for the show, a friend of Micah's from Winter Street loaned us their credit card swiper for  purchases,  and I got busy and assembled a flyer to distribute.

Our very close group of friends also helped out by offering to take turns serving beer and wine to the attendees.  Without our friends, there is no way we could have had this show.  I am grateful for them all.

In that one night, Micah sold three pieces and I sold four.  I was actually able to cover the cost of the show, so bonus!  Not to shabby for my first show in over ten years!  It was a great experience and I am so happy that I could finally share my quirky style with the public.  Special thanks to my collectors, I hope you continue to enjoy your purchases for years to come!

Although I have the show next year at The Jung Center of Houston, I need to try and get into a few more shows between now and then.  Wish me luck!